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What To Do When the IEP Meeting Is Too Short

 Published February 16, 2022

When is an IEP meeting too short? Can an IEP team review and revise a child’s IEP in 25-30 minutes?
Is your school district imposing short, rigid time limits to review and revise IEPs? Here is what we are hearing . . .

How to Handle Tantrums and Meltdowns

Tips for helping children learn better ways to express powerful emotions

Caroline Miller

In order to help a kid who’s having a meltdown or tantrum, parents need to understand what’s causing it. This is hard because it could be fear, anger, frustration, or something else. Try to think of a tantrum as a reaction to something upsetting. Your child isn’t responding in the way a grown-up would, like by talking or asking for what they want. Instead, they cry or yell. If you give in to tantrums, kids will learn that having a tantrum will get them what they want. Your goal is to get your child to unlearn this.  

Yellow Pages for Kids

We built the Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities so people can get reliable information and support. When you check your state Yellow Pages, you will find many different resources - government programs, grassroots organizations, and parent support groups.


The Healthy Brain Network is a community-based research initiative of the Child Mind Institute, an independent, national non-profit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders. We provide evaluations to children and families at no cost, and are collecting the information needed to find brain and body characteristics that are associated with mental health and learning disorders.

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